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Coronavirus Covid-19 Lanzarote Updates

Your FCS form and QR code for travelling to Spain
⚠ It is mandatory to fill out a Health Control Form 48 hours before your flight and obtain a QR code to show it at the control points upon arrival in Spain as shown in this video:


Also check re. similar info required re. returning home to UK

I will post here, any updated information relevant to guests, advised by Spanish and Canary Island Government.

Many guests are now choosing Private Villas, self-contained, independent accommodation,  rather than large crowded Hotels,

or Apartments sharing facilities & common areas with hundreds of strangers.

At Casa Albryna we take hygiene seriously. We have never had the same day changeovers.

We continue with sufficient gaps between guests to enable a thorough clean.

As usual, all towels & linen are commercially washed at high temperatures, plus cushions, rugs, throws etc.

Door handles, surfaces, light switches, faucets etc. cleaned with a bleach solution, as advised by Spanish Health Regulations.

We have got this xx

I will really miss shaking your hand to greet you.😢

What an unprecedented time we are all having!

2020 -
Taking the opportunity to wash, spring clean, plus some painting, updates & repairs
Rules & regulations are constantly changing. I wanted to be clear of the advice.
Still as clear as mud.

2021 - Casa Albryna will always be available to welcome guests, when the rules allow.

Some guests managed to visit within windows of opportunity, and enjoyed their stay.
Many regular guests that were not able to visit in 2020 have chosen to defer dates to 2021/2022

In these unprecedented times.
I want to welcome you to Lanzarote in the future, 2021 and onward

Stay safe

Brynette at Casa Albryna Lanzarote