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Archery in Lanzarote, Archery Club

Archery in Lanzarote. Lanzarote has an archery club

My husband Alan was very much part of Lanzarote Archery Club La Flecha

Many sporting friends enjoying Lanzarote Archery sport stay at Casa Albryna

At Casa Albryna, we have within our private grounds facilities for our guests to enjoy Archery 18 meters training range. Plus 30 meters outdoor within the walled grounds. 

Consider arranging a day of introduction of Archery Sport

Visit the Club La Flecha in Macher Lanzarote

Check this info below 

Club la Flecha

This friendly Lanzarote Archery club welcomes holiday guests, residents, visitors, new members and other club members too. Spanish, English & German Members.

Here you can get an introduction to this wonderful sport. Hints, lessons, and all the help you need to experience the sport of archery. The club is the reference & support point for everyone who wishes to enjoy Archery in Lanzarote. 

A great Lanzarote day out for families and children, Archery Lanzarote

At the club there are shooting yards, with standard targets and distances. Facilities to learn, practice, and progress in this sport discipline.

Archery federation licenses can be obtained. A workshop where all kinds of professional repairs are carried out by expert hands, and a shop where all kind of archery items can be purchased, whether it is a simple paper target or a complete professional archery set, arrows, strings, arm guards, gloves, tabs, quivers, feathers, and much more.

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