LANZAROTE RURAL Retreat, Private Heated Pool, Free WiFi

About Us. Casa Albryna Lanzarote

Unique Rural Villa with a warm welcome in Lanzarote

A safe place to stay, away from the crowds.

Casa Albryna Lanzarote  

 Registered - VV-35-3-0001935

Together, we worked very hard to create a warm, magical Lanzarote home.

We have enjoyed sharing the magic with friends, family & special guests.

Amazing fiestas, relaxing times, beautiful memories. 

Casa Albryna set within the extensive grounds of the main property.

Now exclusively for our special guests to enjoy.

Our love has always been with the rural, country areas of Lanzarote

This Lanzarote county home has seen many changes throughout the years

History, beauty, character stands here, alive with happy memories.

A happy place. We look forward to greeting our new guests.

and returning guests, with their new families

This is not a new build box.

This Lanzarote rural retreat has a history and a heart. We welcome you.

What we love about

Villa Casa Albryna

A Lanzarote rural retreat. A private, safe place.

A Lanzarote country home

A place for a couple to relax.

A spacious home for family with children

Gardens to play in, children camping in the safety of the garden grounds. 

Feeding cheese to the Lizards.

Sunny days, beautiful sunrises, dramatic sunsets.

Clear night skies, bright stars, bold night flowering cactus

Swimming in the heated pool at night.

Turn off all the lights and bathe under the stars.

The first time I ever saw a shooting star was here!

Taking a special Lanzarote walk on the volcan (lava fields) just outside our gates.

Catching glimpses of wildlife.

Kestrels, tabobos (hoopoe), bunnies, partridge & lizards! (not a tourist in site!)

A crow of our neighbour's cockerel, wild birds twittering for their morning/evening feed & water. 

Lanzarote Hunting Season, being lucky enough to watch the skittish bunnies, anticipating, often out witting the amazing Podencos, (hunting dogs) on the volcan. The clever bunnies usually hide in our garden !

Exclusive Lanzarote rural accommodation

Our History

We Loved Lanzarote for a long time.

We first discovered the beauty of Lanzarote way back in the early 1980s

A team since 1980. Alan a retired engineer. Brynette a commercial artist.

In 1984, I raised a second mortgage on my UK home, on the request of my parents, to enable them to afford to buy their dream holiday apartment within a complex in a Puerto del Carmen tourist area.
We have good memories of many early Lanzarote Holidays there.
Alan and I sold 2 apartments in 2006. We moved on.

In 1985, the family rural villa was purchased. At that time the Villa had no mains electric or mains water.

One Christmas, Alan brought all the parts, gaskets & tools to refurbish the villa generator, all in his suitcase!

From that year on, Alan and I worked very hard in West London UK, sending money to my early retired parents, living the life in Lanzarote. During that time, guests enjoyed staying at the villa for many holiday visits + many fiestas. My Alan regularly visited between our UK work commitments, adding extras to help maintain & enhance our Villa.

When moving to Lanzarote in 2000, the Villa was in need of some serious renovation.

My Alan set to, with me as his labourer!

He continued to work relentlessly to mend, renovate, improve, add special extras, including renovating all roofs, pergolas, verandas. Adding solar heating for the pool, new water pumps for the house with solar hot water, plus adding Internet & WiFi

February 2016 - I lost My Love.
36 years of Love, Loyalty & Hard Work
  •   I lost my Rock. We loved each other, we worked together to build a dream.
  •   Alan told me he wanted me to plod on. "Please do not lose what we worked so hard to create"
  •   With the help of some amazing friends, The dream continues. xx
  •   Alan and Brynette. Casa Albryna xx

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